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unleash your soul

awaken and embody your highest self

1:1 Sacred Intimacy MentorshiP:
- Invigorate your human experience from a truly holistic perspective (most programs avoid "taboo" topics, such as sexuality, when it is actually our greatest tool in healing, finding purpose, and manifesting abundance - it is the energy that literally creates life!)
- Gain confidence in communicating your needs, wants, and boundaries
- Dismantle fear based belief systems and outdated societal conditionings to embrace the wholeness of life
- Connect to your life force energy for intuitive inspiration
- Explore the depths of pleasure with curiosity and ingenuity
- Fall madly in love with yourself, so you can offer truly unconditional love to your partner, family, friends, and passions
- Embody the God or Goddess within to ignite your true purpose
- Feel safe to fully surrender sexually to yourself and with partners
- Overcome limiting beliefs of abundance (sexual, spiritual, and financial energies are directly linked!)
- Discover the tantric tools to become an irresistible lover!
...and so much more!
Is Sacred Intimacy Mentorship right for you?
It is my intention to empower others with their own life force energy. I am not here to teach or to heal. I am here as a mirror to help you see who you truly are. I am here to help you remember how to heal yourself with your own divinity. Your sexuality should serve you - not control you. 
I work with individuals who are dedicated to improving their lives from the inside out. In modern society, we are taught that sex and spirituality do not go together, when in fact they are integral to one another. In my sessions we work to dismantle false conditionings and fear-based belief systems of sexuality and intimacy. When we reclaim our bodies and our eroticism, we are able to shift our perspective of ourselves and our sexuality  to a place of unconditional love and curiosity. True transformation comes when we let go of judgement and step into vulnerability. If you'd like to work with me, please be open-minded and prepared to honor the fullness of human nature.​
What's inCLUDED?
- Optional 3 or 6 month commitment
- One 60 minute session per month
- Unlimited text & audio message support via Whatsapp
- Integration exercises to support you in between sessions and create lasting impact
- The tools to create a lifestyle based on your highest truth & soul purpose

Discretion & Consent

I appreciate your interest in working with me. Please know, I only meet with honest and open individuals with a genuine interest in pursuing a more soulful life experience. I ensure that any information you share along with what we speak of and create in our sessions are sacred, and therefore will be confidential. 



$1500/month, 3 month minimum commitment OR $4000 in full

*get one month free with a 6 month commitment, $7000 in full*

It is recommended that those interested in this mentorship have some familiarity with my work. I will not be offering a free discover call for this offering, but would LOVE to connect via voice note (on, iMessage, IG, or WhatsApp) to answer any questions and to learn more about how we can evoke your deepest desires, address your biggest challenges, and capitalize on your greatest potential for growth.


Jordan, Serial Entrepreneur

Leola has an amazing energy. She is very nurturing and non-judegemental. I felt safe to really open up to her in ways I never thought possible.

Chloe, Life Coach

 I've never felt more free to explore the depths of my sexuality. Talking with Leola helped me breakdown sexual trauma and fears that I didn't even know existed. She also introduced me to some incredible practices for myself and my partner that have transformed the way I approach both self-pleasure and intimacy with my partner.

Adam, Lawyer

I was impressed with Leola's well-rounded approach to the psychology of sexuality, esotericism, and the intricacies of the body. She has a true warmth and professionalism.

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