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Sacred Sex Ed is the sex education you never had, but that we all desperately need; a sex education that is empowering, honest, and pleasure-based.


It is the pathway to a future in which we feel empowered by our desires, rather than a slave to them; in which we feel celebratory of our nakedness and vulnerability.


Sacred Sex Ed is creating a world world where we can openly and emphatically talk about the energy and acts that brought us into it.

This book is an ally in reclaiming the most powerful energy in your body by inviting you to:

  1. Illuminate your shadows. Acknowledge the patterns, authorities, education, and belief systems that have created shame for our bodies, judgment of our sex, and resulted in nearly every sexual assault and trauma. 

  2. Expand your awareness. Discover the magic available when we evoke intention into our intimate lives. Get curious about your vision for relating and gain tools to consciously create expansive erotic and intimate experiences.

  3. Liberate your eros. We are invited to expand our capacity to find pleasure, purpose, and presence in the most unlikely of places. We push our edges and learn how to use our life force energy to manifest our deepest desires.

Expert Praise

Pre-order now to receive these sexy Bonuses:

1. A ticket to Sacred Sex Ed Launch Party & Playshop - online & in-person options available! (value $44)

2. One month Membership in Higher Love Club, online community with immediate access to live calls and over 30+ hours of educational content on intimacy, tantra, and more! (value $44)

3. Instant access to Chapter 1 in audio format.

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3 Formats to choose from:

Hard Copy

It's a work of art in of itself! Of course you want a hard copy!

Available as a soft or hard cover. Pro-tip, the hard cover looks fancier AND you can simply remove the jacket if you want to read in public without prying eyes. Stealth-mode activated.


We love an accessible read. Pick this one up any time, anywhere, as long as you have battery, of course!

Just a click away - shipping included and ultra-expedited.


Narrated by Leola herself. This one is an EXPERIENCE. The story-telling... the inflections... it's delicious to the ears!


If you're a fan of the podcast - this one is for you, boo.


Let's DO life together

A year long journey to move through the seasons with depth & intention. 4 Seasons. 12 Monthly Modules.

Season 1: Embody the Priestess

- The Sensual Self (May)

- Sexual Exploration & Expression (June) 

- Yoni Portals & Pleasure Mapping (July)

Season 2: Sacred Union Dynamics

- Reclaim the Feminine (August)

- Honor the Masculine (September)

- Polarity for Pleasure (October)

Season 3: Penetrative Mysteries

- Cock Worship (November)

- Anal Lovemaking (December)

- Conscious Kink (January)

Season 4: Sexual Shadow & Trauma

- Healing & Alchemizing (February)

- Safer & Sacred Sex (March)

- Initiation & Integration (April)

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