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The higher Love Club

a membership for extraordinary humans


My fellow soul seeker, my dear dreamer… 


Within each of us lies the potential to become an extraordinary being, capable of experiencing love that connects with a higher, more profound aspect of our existence.

Embodying the full spectrum of your humanity in connection and in community is where we find deep fulfillment, healing, and a unifying force that inspires others to evolve in new earth intimacy.

Inside The Higher Love Club, you will discover the inspiration and tools to awaken your senses, ignite your soul's purpose, and embrace a love that transcends the boundaries of the ordinary. We delve into the mysteries of tantra, sacred sexuality, and self-love, unlocking the secrets to deepening connections and experiencing profound union.

Pleasure is your birthright. Purpose is your birthright. A Higher Love is for all of us and is created by all of us. It is the masterpiece of our generation.


And it is out of this world.

Listen to the podcast below for more on what to expect and look forward to at the Higher Love Club...


… you are so much more impactful and powerful than you’ve been led to believe. Allow us to remind you of who you are.

 we are at an integral time in the evolution of humanity. We’re building a new earth we want our children to grow up in.

… love and life can be better than you ever dreamed possible. Here’s your chance to claim it by creating it.

… your closest relationships can be a source of self-growth, authenticity, and purpose… rather than stress, obligation, and fear. We have the tools to transform them.

… the key to having it all isn’t doing more… it is being more. We'll show you how to embody it!

… you don’t have to do it alone… in fact it’s easier and way more fun to grow together. 

… it is safe to pursue and receive your deepest desires. This is the place to reclaim your birthright.


Ready for a higher love?


Welcome to your virtual home

for exploration of the sacred intersection between spiritual and earthly realms, where we cultivate purposeful connections that transcend the ordinary. 

In our community, we encourage a surrender to the flow of life, allowing love and divine guidance to lead the way. Through our teachings, practices, and transformative experiences, you will learn to navigate the dance of intimacy and spirituality, finding harmony and balance within yourself and in your relationships.

Together, let us embark on a sacred journey that transcends the limitations of the earthly realm and connects us with the divine. Join the Higher Love Club and step into a world of limitless possibilities, where love is the guiding force and  purposeful connection with yourself and others is celebrated.




- A monthly theme inspiring soul expansion & liberation


- One live workshop & community coaching

- An engaging video lesson on the monthly theme

- A workbook with activities, course materials, and "homeplay" to dive deep on the monthly theme 

- Pleasure & Embodiment Rituals for solo and couples work

- Optional Book Club for further reading on monthly theme

- Special pricing and first-access offers for 1:1 coaching, retreats, and other programs

- Unlimited access to past workshops and resources in our Higher Love Vault!

- An extended list of additional resources to tailor your tantric lifestyle, including yoga and movement medicine, diet suggestions, books, podcast episodes, & more! 

...and loads of unquantifiable goodness!

Over 30 hours of educational content inside the Vault on topics such as....

Pleasure & Prosperity

Conscious Conflict 

Shadow Work

Money as a Lover

Inner Child Healing

Expanding Your Orgasmic Potential




* Each month inside the Higher Love Club acts as a mini-course. Monthly themes are voted on by members!


Join us now for this excited journey, as we grow together and create evidence of a more empowered and loving humanity.

You are an

worthy of
higher love


get Turned on By Life course for FREE with annual membership! ($400 value)



Hello lover. Leola here...

I created the Higher Love Club to be a sanctuary for seekers, explorers, and dreamers who long for a love that is both healing and unifying. It is a space where you can freely express your authentic self and be supported on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

I believe in the power of self-trust, for it is through trusting ourselves that we can embark on an evolved, out-of-this-world journey of community and connection. My aim is to inspire you to live passionately without compromise, embracing the sacred union between your human-self and your highest potential.

I am a Sacred Intimacy Mentor and Muse. I have studied and been certified to hold space in the modalities of tantra, sacred sexuality, and shamanism. I approach life and my work from the lens of a co-existence between the spiritual world and the physical world. There is an innately procreative energy that connects these two realms. 

I guide individuals and couples in discovering how life-force energy moves in the body; and more importantly, how to harness this inner-power for a pleasure-filled life that begins with our most intimate relationships and extends to our livelihood and our worldview.

I am the host of top tantra podcast, Talk Tantra to Me… co-founder of Tantra Love Retreat… and leader of the Naked Soul Society.

But above all, I am a dreamer, seeker, and idealist. I am a devoted wife to, Andrew, who is also my co-creator and greatest inspiration. We live in Austin, Texas, where we have curated a gorgeous community and host retreats, workshops, parties, women’s circles, and more. I love to travel and share this work far and wide. I truly live my dream life.






get Turned on By Life course for FREE
with annual membership! ($400 value)



How quickly will I start to feel higher love? When will I see results?

It's impossible to give a precise timeline, because we are all unique! However, all it takes is a 1 degree shift in your perspective to change the course of your life. Imagine a rocket ship headed for Mars. If you shifted the trajectory of that rocket by just one degree at takeoff, the rocket would sail past Mars and possibly into a new galaxy! We'll start with 1 degree shifts in your mindset, lifestyle, and embodiment, which are intended to transcend our time together, whilst unlocking your highest timelines.

Who do I contact for additional questions?

What if I change my mind?

We’re confident that once you sign up for the Higher Love Club, you’ll be sure you’ve made the right decision. However, if for any reason you change your mind or find find the container is no longer serving you, you can cancel anytime. We'll be sad to see you go, but trust you got what you needed and are off to the next big thing in your soul expansion.

Do I need an app or do I access on a desktop?

BOTH! We wanted to make Higher Love uber accessible, so you can access anywhere. Download Wix Spaces to access via the app... or log on to our members pages on the desktop or mobile browser.

How much does it cost?

$44/month or $444 for the entire year! Receive the Turned on By Life Course for FREE with annual membership ($400 value).

What if I can't attend the community calls?

Most workshops will be pre-recorded and all live calls will be uploaded to the vault for you to access at your leisure! AND you will have access to ALL content in the vault of resources for the duration of your membership. Forever sure sounds good.

How do I sign up?

Pick your plan here!

How many people will be in the group coaching calls?
It is my truth that each participant in this experience has deep soul medicine to offer for the entire group. I have a number in mind, but am leaving it open until I feel our group is "complete". Rest assured, it will be an intimate container where everyone feels seen and heard.

When are the calls?

All calls are on Tuesdays at 7pm PST. Here's the full list of dates: January 18, February 1, February 15, March 1, March 15, March 29, April 5, April 19, May 5, & May 17. 

What if I am unable to attend one or more of the cal

All calls will be recorded. It is not necessary to be present for any or all calls - although live participation is encouraged. The playbacks will be made available to all participants with lifetime access, along with all other course materials.

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