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Meet your mentor & Muse

who is she?

Hi, I'm Leola.

And I am turned on by life itself. As an artist, adventuress, and pleasure priestess, creating a life I love and inspiring others to do the same fuels my passion and purpose.


My mission is to inspire others to see an integration of sexuality and spirituality in their relationships with themselves and their partners. I guide individuals and couples in discovering how life-force energy moves in the body; and more importantly, how to harness this inner-power for a pleasure-filled life that begins with our most intimate relationships and extends to our livelihood and our worldview. I am here to help you remember how to heal yourself with your own divinity.

What is Sacred intimacy & Tantra?

Sacred intimacy is an ancient shamanic art of healing and manifestation with roots in most major religions, including Christianity. Tantra is an Eastern practice of using life-force energy to achieve a higher level of consciousness. It is an art - a way of life. My purpose lies in helping you remember that this energy exists within you, while empowering you to let go of fear-based belief systems and limiting ideologies. Spiritual sexuality and Tantra teach that our outer world reflects our inner world, and our inner world reflects our outer world. Practicing sex magic and tantra leads to greater self-awareness, allowing you to bring more abundance and fulfillment into your life. 


Education & Experience


+ 200 hr Yoga, Tantra, & Shamanism Training (Durgas Tiger School)

+ Holy Union Mystery School & Pilgrimage (Sara Jane Perman)

+ Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Training,  (ISTA)
+ Live Your Yes! Sex Magic Course (The Love Gurus)
+ Body Work & Shamanism 1:1 Mentorship (Erotic Aliveness)
+ Expanded Conscious Orgasm Workshop (Eros Life)

+ Shibari + BDSM Training (Awakening Arts)
+ Tantra and the Psychedelics of Sex Workshop (Catherine Auman, LMFT)

+ Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Transformation Academy)

My Vision

It is my intention to empower others with their own life force energy. I am not here to teach or to heal. I am here as a mirror to help you see who you truly are. I am here to help you remember how to heal yourself with your own divinity. 

Let's talk tantra.

For 1:1 virtual mentorships and in-person bodywork, please fill out the initiate intake form below.

For general inquiries, please  email me at

For my poetry, photo stories travel diary, and other musings, please visit

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