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Your Sacred intimacy MENTOR & MUSE

Hi, I’m Leola.


And I am turned on by life itself. My mission is to inspire others to see an integration of sexuality and spirituality in their relationships with themselves and their partners. I guide individuals and couples in discovering how life-force energy moves in the body; and more importantly, how to harness this inner-power for a pleasure-filled life that begins with our most intimate relationships and extends to our livelihood and our worldview. I am here to help you remember how to heal yourself with your own divinity.

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Integrate your shadows for presence, pleasure, and purposeful relating.

Receive a free Sexual shadow work book 

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A tantra podcast that takes a playful perspective on sacred sexuality, hosted by Leola.


As a Sacred Intimacy Mentor and Muse, my intention in this podcast is to normalize bodies and the things they do - like embodying spirituality and being sexy. In modern society, we are taught that sex and spirituality do not go together, when in fact they are integral to one another. It is my mission to empower you to reclaim your sexuality by dismantling false conditionings and fear-based belief systems. When we reclaim our bodies and our eroticism, we are able to shift our perspective of ourselves and our sexuality to a place of unconditional love and curiosity.  

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