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Naked soul

for the unabashedly authentic...

The Naked Soul Society is a private social club and event series catered to growth minded and purpose driven creatives and community leaders. We curate sacred and imaginative containers to explore the full range of your humanity, including intimacy, vulnerability, and eroticism; empowering you to show up authentically in all arenas of life.

apply to be a naked soul...

To be a naked soul is to be undressed of shame, guilt, fear, and limiting beliefs - it is a commitment to the courageous nakedness of vulnerability, authenticity, and divine love. We invite our members to bare themselves in their highest truth and rawest form.

Members are approved based on referrals, intentions, community contribution, aesthetic appeal, and mindset. Membership is contingent on evidence of growth mindset, contribution to betterment of the world, and investment of self development. We curate our community with discernment and request all members be respectful, open-minded, and 21 years of age or older.

When granted access, Naked Souls will receive invitations to upcoming play experiences. Upon approval members must attend a safety and consent orientation prior to their first event.



in community, in connection

Upcoming Naked Soul Soirées...

Join us in a sacred container, to explore deep connection in community and reclaim your eroticism for presence, pleasure, and purposeful relating. All events are highly intimate with limited tickets.

Purchase passwords are reserved for our members. Please apply here to be considered for membership.


Full Bloom

June 22 - Austin, TX

A conscious play party for sensual pleasures.



7-Worship the body with tantra.JPEG

Sacred Sex ed

August 16 - Austin. TX

A conscious play party for spiritual intimacy,\.



coming soon
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