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higher love
- free workshop with Leola -


August 8, 2023

2pm, CST

Within each of us lies the potential to become an extraordinary being, capable of experiencing love that connects with a higher, more profound aspect of our existence.

Embodying the full spectrum of your humanity in connection and in community is where we find deep fulfillment, healing, and a unifying force that inspires others to evolve in new earth intimacy.


A Higher Love is for all of us and is created by all of us. It is the masterpiece of our generation.


If you’re ready to transcend the limitations of the earthly realm and connects with divine love, this FREE community call is for you.

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In this live workshop, lEOLA WILL teach you How to...

  • identify your recipe for higher love - dedicated to soul growth & co-creating with the universe.

  • appreciate the power of community in creating a more expansive reality for yourself & your relationships

  • embrace your deepest desires for authentic living and relating

  • use vulnerability as a superpower

  • take responsibility for creating higher love in the world 

  • celebrate yourself & others for their expression of higher love

higher love
- free workshop with Leola -
August 8, 2023 @ 2pm CST


Can't make it to the live? No stress, the replay will be sent to all those signed up in the form above!

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