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Divine Union

a sacred container for growing together


The Divine Union Ritual is an in-person tantra session designed to bring depth to spiritual, emotion, and physical intimacy. The intention of this session is to create a safe space to explore expansive relating with vulnerability, authenticity, and radical honesty.

In modern society, we are taught that sex and spirituality do not go together, when in fact they are integral to one another. In my sessions we work to dismantle false conditionings and fear-based belief systems of sexuality and intimacy. When we reclaim our bodies and our eroticism, we are able to shift our perspective of ourselves and our sexuality  to a place of unconditional love and curiosity.

What to expect in a session

Divine Union Sessions are tailored to the unique intentions of your relationship. Prior to any bodywork or tantra exercises there is an in-depth discussion to clarify your desires, needs, and boundaries. I guide the couple to surrender to one another and to the divinity of sacred sensuality. With this intention, our time together is sure to energize your relationship with a fresh perspective of love without limits for a sacred container you deserve and truly desire. 

Being present is very important. I encourage you to let go of any attachments to an agenda or goal. I use meditation, breath-work, soul gazing, massage, and tantra touch to guide energy for healing and manifestation. I intuitively weave these sacred practices to stimulate the rise of kundalini energy within your body, allowing you to relax into heightened awareness and presence.

Length of session

The duration of a session is completely dependent on how the energy and practice unfolds. Most sessions last between 3-4 hours. I prefer to keep the session in an open timeline, so we can be fully present without watching the clock. Please set aside at least 3 hours for a session, but I recommend completing all other engagements and communications before our session to allow yourselves to fully surrender to the moment. I do not ask for an hourly investment solely to respect the vulnerability of our time together.

I am ecstatic to announce, I now have an in-call  temple space in Austin, TX.  I am also happy to travel to you to complete the session in your residence or an upscale hotel, for an additional stipend. I will bring the necessary supplies to create a temple space in the place you feel most comfortable.

Let's Get Together

I so look forward to meeting with you, but first I require a light screening process before your first session to ensure safety and mutual respect.

Step 1: Please fill out the the initiate intake form below to introduce yourself and share your intentions.  I will respond by text or email (whichever you prefer) to schedule a call.

Step 2: We will speak over the phone. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions and share your desires. If our energy and intentions align, we will discuss a time to meet for your first session.

Step 3: Electronically pay your booking deposit, $1111. Mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare yourself for our session. Please be freshly showered, with an open mind and heart. I look forward to getting to know you, as we create healing and bliss in your life.​

Discretion & Consent

I appreciate your interest in working with me. Please know, I only meet with honest and open individuals with a genuine interest in pursuing a more soulful life experience. I ensure that any information you share along with what we speak of and create in our sessions are sacred, and therefore will be confidential. 


$1111 deposit to book + $1111 at the start of the session

Dive Deep Custom Retreats

Dates & location to be collaborated

You are invited to join me in a sacred container to explore spiritual intimacy and sacred sexuality. 1-3 days of physical, emotional, and spiritual connection to rejuvenate your body, mind, and soul. I organize stunning lodging, transportation, food, and a stimulating itinerary, so all you have to do is show up and surrender to transformation.

All inclusive custom retreats start at $10,000, add ons for longer retreats and/or premium locations.

click here for a sample couples retreat

click here for a sample 1:1 retreat


Jordan, Serial Entrepreneur

Leola has an amazing energy. She is very nurturing and non-judegemental. I felt safe to really open up to her in ways I never thought possible.


Chloe, Life Coach

 I've never felt more free to explore the depths of my sexuality. Talking with Leola helped me breakdown sexual trauma and fears that I didn't even know existed. She also introduced me to some incredible practices for myself and my partner that have transformed the way I approach both self-pleasure and intimacy with my partner.

Adam, Lawyer

I was impressed with Leola's well-rounded approach to the psychology of sexuality, esotericism, and the intricacies of the body. She has a true warmth and professionalism.

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