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Goddess Embodiment

become the revolution

Goddess Embodiment Rituals are designed to activate and harness your life-force energy, while dismantling limiting beliefs imposed by society. We live in a world with deeply rooted programming of shame, guilt, and fear of our bodies and our erotic nature. Women are often judged as either a virgin prude or a sexy slut - these inverse ends of the spectrum are both objectified and ostracized. In my practice I encourage you to reclaim your divine femininity - to recognize shakti energy within your body and to surrender to sensuality for maximum pleasure and ecstatic benefits. Practicing sex magic and tantra leads to greater self-awareness, allowing you to bring more abundance and fulfillment into your life. 

Discretion & Consent

I appreciate your interest in working with me. Please know, I only meet with honest and open individuals with a genuine interest in pursuing a more soulful life experience. I ensure that any information you share along with what we speak of and create in our sessions are sacred, and therefore will be confidential. 

Sacred Offerings

Goddess Full Day Immersion...$2222
a full day of deep sisterhood, playful ritual and divine sensual experiences
We meet in the late morning, setting intentions to co-create a day of pure magic and transformation. After sharing what's alive for you in this season of life, I will suggest a framework for our day that fits your deepest desires, addresses your biggest challenges, and capitalizes on your greatest potential for growth. Options may include, tantric bodywork, on-purpose alignment, guided movement, plant medicine, yoni egg practice, and more.
* bougie lunch + goddess gift bag included *
We will spend the full day in flow, so you're sure to return home overflowing and effervescent, and totally embodied in your divine feminine essence.

Empress Deep Dive Weekend...$10,000
a private weekend retreat to anchor in a new way of being & co-create your dream life
The intention of this retreat is to have you answer the question: “How absolutely insanely decadently delicious can I let life be?!” And believe me, whatever you imagine that is right now, it’s not even close to what you’re going to discover within yourself after spending two luxurious nights and three juicy days being bathed in the codes of your highest self.
I organize stunning lodging, transportation, food, and a stimulating itinerary, so all you have to do is show up and surrender to transformation. The destination is decided together based on where we feel you will find the grandest activation - I've facilitated 1:1 retreats all over the US and abroad! 

Jordan, Serial Entrepreneur

Leola has an amazing energy. She is very nurturing and non-judegemental. I felt safe to really open up to her in ways I never thought possible.


Chloe, Life Coach

 I've never felt more free to explore the depths of my sexuality. Talking with Leola helped me breakdown sexual trauma and fears that I didn't even know existed. She also introduced me to some incredible practices for myself and my partner that have transformed the way I approach both self-pleasure and intimacy with my partner.

Adam, Lawyer

I was impressed with Leola's well-rounded approach to the psychology of sexuality, esotericism, and the intricacies of the body. She has a true warmth and professionalism.

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