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How to Create a Life You Love
- free masterclass with Leola -


January 4, 2022

7pm, CST

Have you followed the prescribed path to the “American Dream” and are feeling less than dreamy - possibly, dried up, tired, and uninspired?


Or are you an entrepreneur feeling totally burnt out by the demands of running a business? Do you struggle to show up for yourself and the ones you love, on top of your community?


Do you feel there’s gotta be something more?


If you answered yes to any of the above, and you’re ready co-create your reality with the universe by transmuting your pain into purpose & pleasure, this FREE webinar is for you.


In this live Masterclass, lEOLA WILL teach you How to...

  • live a Tantric Lifestyle - one dedicated to soul growth & co-creating with the universe.

  • appreciate sexual energy as the fabric of our existence and as the most powerful creative force in your body. 

  • work through limiting beliefs, trauma, & societal conditionings - all of which sneakily keep us from bringing our deepest desires to fruition.

  • transmute painful experiences into purpose and/or pleasure - the path to becoming turned on by life itself!

  • become your own guru! 

How to Create a Life You Love
- January 4, 2022 @ 7pm CST -


Can't make it to the live? No stress, the replay will be sent to all those signed up in the form above!

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