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Sex Magic 101: 3 Steps to Manifest Your Deepest Desires

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

I will never underestimate the power of getting clear on my deepest desires and masturbating about it. This is sex magic. The intention is to harness lifeforce energy to create opportunities and experiences that your soul craves.

The concept of sex magic is supported by The Law of Attraction. This energetic principle relies on the belief that all things are energy and that like energies attract one another. As above, so below. When you think positively (gratitude, pleasure, trust, etc) , you are a magnet for more positive opportunities and experiences. And yet, negative thinking (fear, shame, guilt, etc) creates more negative circumstances.

But what does this have to do with your sex life?

When do you feel the most ecstatic? When do you feel the most pleasure? When do you feel the most connected to something outside of yourself? When do you feel the most like a god or goddess? For many, it's at the height of sexual pleasure. Climax can be seen as an altered and expansive state of consciousness.

The energy that we tap into with sexual pleasure is called Life Force Energy (also commonly referred to as Eros or Kundalini). It is powerful enough to create human life. This is the energy that creates our entire reality. Me, you, your pets, the food you eat - even the clothes you wear are likely made up of natural fibers resulting from a (S)acred (E)nergy E(X)change between plants or animals.

When we tap into this energy with intention, we are aligning ourselves with an incredible creative force. By invoking intention into your self-pleasure or partnered intimacy, you are able to harness ecstasy and bliss to become a magnet for your desires using the Law of Attraction

Mind blown. *Orgasm not included*

Here are the 3 Steps to Sex Magic

  1. Set an intention. What metaphorical “bun” do you want to put in the oven? My advice is to focus more on what kind of feeling you want to bring into your life, and less on the exact process or outcome. For example, if you’re looking to call in financial abundance, focus on what it would feel like to be financially secure and abundant, rather than seeing a particular number in

your bank account or visualizing yourself winning the lottery.

  1. Awaken your Eros. Warm up the oven. Seduce yourself or eachother with full presence and pleasure. Don’t rush straight towards genitals. Take a nice bath or dance or have a glass of wine. The more you're able to build this energy with edging or waves of arousal, the stronger your life force becomes.

  2. Merge intention with Eros at climax. Have the cake and eat it too. At climax, especially as you orgasm and immediately after, visualize and sensationalize your intention and desires as if you are receiving them in that moment. It’s especially powerful to journal immediately after or share your visualizations with your partner to amplify the bliss of receiving.

Don’t forget to integrate and make space for these manifestations to take shape. If you don’t let go of limiting patterns and beliefs, you’ll be sending mixed signals and you’ll receive mixed results. For example, if you're manifesting a new partner, you need to cut the unhealthy ties with your ex.

It is also absolutely essential that you first have gratitude for what you already have in your life. For example, as you manifest your dream vehicle, you might be angry at your old car for breaking down all the time. But if you

can find some gratitude for how far this car has gotten you up until now, you'll be in a much better position to manifest something positive. The frequency of gratitude is much stronger than the frequency of anger or frustration.

Mindset is incredibly important for this work - as is being totally present with your thoughts, feelings, and body. Creating a Tantric Lifestyle with sacred sexuality encourages us to become more observant of our innate autonomy in creating our reality.

If you'd like to dive deeper into Sex Magic listen to this episode now:

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