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pleasure priestess

a year-long initiation for sensual artists


In every woman resides a priestess...


who courageously stands for the highest love for herself, her beloved, her sisters, and the world. She is sexually liberated, a leader in love, and a powerful initiatrix.

In ancient times there were leagues of women initiated into such mysteries of pleasure. They were taught how to create peace in partnership, embody the goddess, and seduce the world into a greater good. They were so powerful, they threatened the powers-that-be and were forced underground.

Together we unearth her. She who initiates kings. She who dances naked with her sisters. She who brings warriors back into their hearts. She who is devoted to meeting god through her body, and is committed to helping others find the way too.

A new era of intimacy awakens. Women are the leaders of love in this revolution. We are the temples. And the Pleasure Priestess is the path forward.

the priestess path is calling if...

... you have a soul yearning to meet your edges and embody your most magnificent self.


... you're ready to bring all your priestess powers online alongside other powerful women.


... you dream of a more loving world and are already show up as evidence of its possibility.


... you are SO here for the magic, the "woo", and the sacred.


... you know you are the temple and are enlivened by the cosmic creativity of your fellow womb-an.


… you know there is no virtue in deprivation. You are ravenous for life, and are craving the tools to spread the gospel so we can all get in on the buffet.


... you are courageous enough to traverse your darkness to embody the full range of your humanity.


… you are the embodiment of the divine feminine and are excited to learn how to honor and respect the divine masculine from delicious overflow.


Ready for your initiation?


What does it mean to be a pleasure  priestess?

To be a pleasure priest or priestess is to be devoted to mastering the energy that made you - your life force energy.  You can be a pleasure priestess just for yourself, or for your lover, or for the whole world.  It can be an energy you call on now and again, a lifestyle you commit to, or an expression of your grander purpose in a professional setting. 

In this year-long mastermind , we delve into the mysteries of tantra, sacred sexuality, and self-love, unlocking the secrets to deepening connections and experiencing profound union.


You'll learn how to:

- Worship the body using tantric bodywork and massage.


- Have the best sex of your life & enjoy self-pleasure just as much as partnered intimacy.

- Fully heal & alchemize your sexual self (including past trauma and/or assault) - not just for yourself, but for the world.


- Master your sexual energy to become magnetic & grounded in seduction


- Honor, hold, and elevate your sisters, initiating each other into the mysteries.


- Move in the world as a prayer, inspiring others to integrate spirit & sex.


- Guide yourself and others into the shadows, the darkness, and come out stronger because of it.


- Use conscious kink and power dynamics for healing and expansive relating.


Let's DO life together

A year long journey to move through the seasons with depth & intention. 4 Seasons. 12 Monthly Modules.

Season 1: Embody the Priestess

- The Sensual Self (April)

- Sexual Exploration & Expression (May) 

- Yoni Portals & Pleasure Mapping (June)

Season 2: Sacred Union Dynamics

- Reclaim the Feminine (July)

- Honor the Masculine (August)

- Polarity for Pleasure (September)

Season 3: Penetrative Mysteries

- Cock Worship (October)

- Anal Lovemaking (November)

- Conscious Kink (December)

Season 4: Sexual Shadow & Trauma

- Healing & Alchemizing (January)

- Safer & Sacred Sex (February)

- Initiation & Integration (March)

Plus Guest Teachers who walk the Priestess Path..

Each Month inside the Mastermind includes...

- One Live Ritual: 90 minute Group Embodiment Session, which can be adapted to share with your beloved, sisters, or community!

- One Group Coaching Session: 90 Minute Mastermind to receive wisdom from Leola & your fellow Pleasure Priestesses.

- One Guest Teaching Session: 90 Minute Lesson from a veteran of the Priestess Path, inviting you deeper into the curriculum.

plus yummy annual perks...

- Full Day In-Person Initiation in Austin, TX: Date TBD

- Two Tickets to Naked Soul Society Events: a safe space to put the priestess into practice

- 24/7 Access to Pleasure Priestess Group Chat: For networking, celebrating each other, & inspiring one another.

- Yearly Membership to Higher Love Club:  your virtual home for exploration of the sacred intersection between spiritual and earthly realms, where we cultivate purposeful connections that transcend the ordinary. 

- Pay in Full *Bonus* Access to Turned on By Life Course: a roadmap to create a tantric lifestyle, exploring spiritual intimacy, embodiment, mindset, and artistic expression. 

- Significant Discount for 1:1 sessions with Leola - ask me about curating a bespoke package tailored to your desires for partnership, sacred intimacy, or biz development. 

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Hello Priestess. Leola here...

I created the Pleasure Priestess Path to be an initiation for devotional women, who long to embody their desire and harness their sensual artistry. It is journey to become a leader in love, inspiring others to awaken to the creative energy that connects the spiritual world and the physical world.

I have seen the most hardened men break down in tears. I have seen women who always felt pain with penetration writhe in ecstasy when she felt safe to receive. I have seen priestesses honor and initiate each other, going forth to make the world a more loving place.

After a decade dancing in the worlds of tantra and shamanic sexuality, I have worked with thousands of men, women, and couples, built a multi-six figure business, and a marriage I am most proud of. I have seen the profound effect of this work and it is time to impart this wisdom - to sit in a circle to learn from one another.

I guide individuals and couples in discovering how life-force energy moves in the body; and more importantly, how to harness this inner-power for a pleasure-filled life that begins with our most intimate relationships and extends to our livelihood and our worldview.

I am the host of top tantra podcast, Talk Tantra to Me… co-founder of Tantra Love Retreat… and leader of the Naked Soul Society.

But above all, I am a dreamer, seeker, and idealist. I am a devoted wife to, Andrew, who is also my co-creator and greatest inspiration. We live in Austin, Texas, where we have curated a gorgeous community and host retreats, workshops, parties, women’s circles, and more. I love to travel and share this work far and wide. I truly live my dream life.

What past initiates say...


Walk the priestess path...

V-day Price
by February 21, 2024

12 x payments of
1 x payment of

* save $884 & get Turned on By Life course for FREE *

better late than never

12 x payments of
1 x payment of

* save $1105 & get Turned on By Life course for FREE *

top tier


If you desire more tailored support from Leola, there is a VIP option for this Initiation, where you receive seasonal, 1 hour 1:1 coaching calls (4 total). The VIP program is ideal for you if...

... you have a specific goal in mind and would like a custom action plan to bring it to fruition.


... you are calling in a life partner or wanting to completely uplevel your current relationship.

... you're are working through deep trauma and would benefit from the sacredness of a 1:1 connection.

... you are launching your own purpose-driven business and would like coaching to take your impact, vision, and income to the next level.


... you'd like to pick Leola's brain on all things sex, spirituality, and soul expansion!

VIP vibes? Yes, please!


Top Tier Investment

by February 21, 2024

12 x payments of
1 x payment of

* save $884 & get Turned on By Life course for FREE *

better late than never

12 x payments of
1 x payment of

* save $1105 & get Turned on By Life course for FREE *

PS: Want even more initmacy? I can't blame you. Reach out directly to co-create a bespoke option, which may include yummy extras, such as luxury retreat, unlimited, voicenote support, bodywork, and more!


the temple.




What happens after I apply?

Leola personally reviews each applicant and will reach out via text or email with confirmation of placement and payment information. As soon as payment is received, you'll be given access to the Higher Love Club and Turned on By Life (if paid in full). On March 31 you'll gain access to the Pleasure Priestess Calendar for the year, as well access to the portal.  If you are eligible for any 1:1 sessions with Leola, she will reach out to you directly to schedule. 

When does The Pleasure Priestess Initiation begin? 

We embark in April, 2024. You will receive a calendar with the first season of events by late March. This is a one year program.

When are the calls? What if I can't attend or miss any?

All live calls will be uploaded to the vault for you to access at your leisure! AND you will have access to ALL content in the vault of resources for the duration of the program. Calls are usually mid-week in the early afternoon. 

When is the in-person immersion? What if I can't make it?

The in-person immersion will occur in late 2024 or early 2025. Dates will be voted on by participants. If you are unable to make the date, inform Leola at least 6 weeks ahead of time and we will offer an alternative option of similiar value.

Do I need to be in a romantic relationship or desire to have a relationship to benefit from this container?

No, the embodied and energetic teachings of the Pleasure Priestess path will surely benefit all relationships in your life - not just romantic ones. The teachings will support you in deepening connections with potential romantic partners, but are also ideal for those who support clients, friends, and themselves in spiritual, sexual, or self-growth arenas. This is a great opportunity to broaden your space-holding skills.

Do I need to be an entrepreneur or life coach to benefit from this container?

No, this is for women who desire to integrate heart-centered feminine leadership in all areas of life - not just business. While the teachings are sure to enrich your relationship to work and purpose, they also promise to heal sisterhood wounds, instill self-confidence, and elevate your devotion to the divine masculine.

How do I sign up?

Click here! be in the group coaching calls?

It is my truth that each participant in this experience has deep soul medicine to offer for the entire group. I have a number in mind, but am leaving it open until I feel our group is "complete". Rest assured, it will be an intimate container where everyone feels seen and heard.

When are the calls?

All calls are on Tuesdays at 7pm PST. Here's the full list of dates: January 18, February 1, February 15, March 1, March 15, March 29, April 5, April 19, May 5, & May 17. 

What if I am unable to attend one or more of the cal

All calls will be recorded. It is not necessary to be present for any or all calls - although live participation is encouraged. The playbacks will be made available to all participants with lifetime access, along with all other course materials.

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