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1:1 Mentorship

We need you.

 We need your gifts. We need your light. We need as many awakened and expansive souls as possible to step into leadership - to create evidence of new earth in their lives, relationships, AND businesses. We need you to be abundant, so you can serve to your greatest capacity!

This mentorship is for you if...

You  desire to make big impact on the world, and be abundantly rewarded for doing so. You have a business (or desire to launch one) in the healing/expansive modalities. You have a big vision, but you're not sure where to start or if it's even possible. You struggle with imposter syndrome or an inner critic.  You're a rebel who desires to do business with ease and without an alarm clock. You know life is about so much more than going to work, paying bills, and sleeping - you want to learn from someone who has broken away from the system with success, integrity, and authenticity.

One Month Inside the mentorship looks like...


... One 60 minute call per month to strategize and process

... Tailored practices to heal the receiving wound

... Unlimited consulting via text and voice note support

...  Unlimited feedback on offers/marketing materials/suggestions for growth


Why invest in yourself?

Because it is possible to build a business that is impactful AND abundantly profitable. I'm your evidence. When I started working with sacred intimacy, I just wanted to pay my debt and have enough money to cover my bills.


And here I am, less than 4 years later with daily messages of gratitude from clients, sold out events, hundreds of thousands of listens on the podcast, and a waiting list for in-person ceremonies... ALL while quadrupling my income with consistent multiple 5-figure months and a multiple 6 figure business salary!


I've created evidence that the more money I make - the more people I am impacting!



$1500/month, 3 month minimum commitment OR $4000 in full

*get one month free with a 6 month commitment, $7000 in full*

I would love to connect with you 1:1.

Let's dive into your dreams and the medicine you have to offer this world! We'll strategize on how to leverage your light to make impact AND income.


It is recommended that those interested in this mentorship have some familiarity with my work. I will not be offering a free discover call for this offering, but would LOVE to connect via voice note to answer any questions and to learn more about your unique gifts and desires. Feel free to reach out via IG or email with a note. We'll move to WhatsApp, once you join me in this container.

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